John Harris - This man is a ***-man!!

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I purchased a vacuum called the Vortech Force off of John Harris. He initially told me the price was $3300 but then dropped it to $1200. I purchased the machine only to find out the following:

1. The address on the contract was Bogus! It's for a completely different product and they fired him over a month ago.

2. I could buy the same machine online for $300.00

3. He had me write the check out to him and cashed it the same day. Now I am still trying to get my refund!

4. He told me some Made up story about having to call his warranty into the factory for some contest that he's in. The factory said there is no contest and I have to register my product online myself.

5. My contract he filled out showed me buying a completely different product made by a complete different manufacturer!

I called the police and they told me that John Harris spent the last few years in Las Vegas jail on drug charges. They told me that this is fraud and assisted me in making a report. I just want others to BEWARE!!!!


Newburgh, Indiana, United States #604462

Thanks.I almost bought one off him but he just seemed extremely shady.

Acts like he's on drugs or something but said It was from drinking redbull. Has no office location and uses a cellphone as his business line. What good is a warranty when it has to be honored by a guy that works out of his car and just came here from Vegas less than a year ago. Their warranty specifically says any coverage must be handled by your distributor which is just John and his car.

Apparently he also has a police record as long as my arm.I like the machine but would question a company that would choose a man like that to represent it.

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